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Find Solutions to Emotional Issues

with Relationship and Anger Management Counseling

Relieve stress from your life by discussing your problems with the professionals at Laurie Burns, LCSW-R CGP. In additional to relationship counseling, we offer anger management counseling that helps you control the triggers that set you off. Marriage counseling is also available to help you work through problems without separation or divorce. Bring balance to your life with anger management counseling from our office in Rochester, New York.

Compassionate Counseling
At Laurie Burns LCSW-R CGP, we specialize in relationship management and solution-focused therapy with an emphasis on how thoughts affect relationships and life courses. We help you find answers for:
• Relationship Issues
• Empty Nest Syndrome
• Later Life Transitions
• Aging Fears
• Unbearable Depression
• Anxiety, Anger, Grief and Stress

What We Do
The major aim of counseling is to increase your knowledge about yourself, your partner (as needed), and patterns of interactions. In our first sessions, we carefully identify the area of your life where you would like a different direction. Next, we explore ways to develop steps toward making the change a reality.

Counseling becomes effective as we apply new knowledge to identify interfering patterns and discover better ones. We will increase clarity about:
• The kind of life you would like to experience.
• The kind of person you aspire to become in order to build the life you want to create.
• The individual blocks to becoming the kind of person you aspire to be.
• The knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the above tasks.

Counseling - Anger Management Counseling in Rochester, NY

Confidential, Convenience, and Accessibility
Feel at ease with the highest level of confidentiality possible as you meet in a comfortable private office.

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management counseling that helps you avoid physical confrontations.